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3 Reasons to Jump For Real Estate In Parksville

Thinking about a new home or condo in the quaint coastal regions of Canada? There’s a reason we chose to place our community and resort in Parksville. Here’s what attracted us to real estate in Parksville specifically, and why many young families and retirees are finding the 5.6 square mile city to be their cup of tea as well.

It’s small, but not too small.

The beaches aren’t too commercialized, nature is protected and thriving. Parksville is one of British Columbia’s secret gems. At only 12,514 residents as of 2016, Parksville is bustling and has all the lifestyle commodities you could want, but you definitely won’t feel crowded. That being said, Parksville is a small community on a large island. Vancouver Island is the largest of the North American west coast at an area of 32,000sq km or 9,884sq mi. If you become inexplicably bored in your new home, cabin rental, or waterfront resort room, you can easily venture out into the rest of the island.

Local food is the pride of the city.

Local coffee, buzzing street markets, fresh farmers markets, and joyful festivals are all essential to Parksville’s culture. The Parksville Uncorked annual food and wine festival is a showcase of fine favorites, or you could sample rustic, truly local flavors from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks and Mooberry Winery.

They respect the land they live on.

Parksville residents know natural beauty when they see it, and their own backyards are picturesque landscapes they want to preserve. Though they’re a small island city, real estate in Parksville enjoys curbside organics collection and recycling in the spirit of the Zero Waste Plan. For a few years now, Parksville has prided itself on being a “climate leader” as one of the cities that signed the BC Climate Action Charter. Green-minded folks will enjoy plenty of like-minded company. Parksville and its current mayor, Mr. Marc Lefebvre, also enjoy a growing positive relationship with their Qualicum First Nation community members, whose culture still enriches Vancouver Island and reminds citizens and visitors about the importance of preserving its natural beauty.

As a growing city highly guided by its Council and citizens, Parksville is what its citizens make it. Are you interested in a community full of arts, food, sustainability, and promise? Parksville may just be your town.

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