When do my weeks start in my Sunrise Ridge Resort Vacation Home?

Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays depending on your rotation schedule. Your rotation schedule is determined when you are purchasing your Vacation Home.

Can I rent out my Fractional Real Estate weeks in my Sunrise Ridge Resort Home?

Yes, you may rent your Vacation Home out nightly or weekly through the on site rental management company or on your own. Many of our owners cover the bulk of their expenses by renting weeks they won’t be using.

Can I swap my Fractional Real Estate vacation weeks with another owner?

Absolutely.  Swapping or combining weeks can be done at the discretion of the owners and includes our sister resort, Bighorn Meadows in Radium Hot Springs

What about selling my Fractional Real Estate ownership share?

Buying a fraction at Sunrise Ridge Resort is just like buying conventional real estate. You are registered as owning a share in a specific strata lot at Land Titles and you have the option to sell it at any time without consulting or notifying the other owners or the resort.  Re-sales are performed through a Real Estate office of your choice and listed at fair market value.

Who does the cleaning in my Sunrise Ridge Vacation Home?

The management company cleans all Vacation Homes, making sure that the property is up to standard for every guest. Everyone who stays at Sunrise Ridge Resort is required to use this service. Owners are only charged for cleaning when they or their guests use their ownership.  Cleaning for rented time is included in the rent charged.

Who takes care of collecting and paying for the expenses?

Sunrise Ridge Resort accounting department takes care of invoicing and collecting payment for the maintenance fees.

What about monthly expenses?

All costs are split equally by the owners of each unit, with monthly costs varying by the size of the residence. The following are part of the monthly payments: snow removal, gas, water, electric, sewer, cable, property tax, phone, common area maintenance, insurance (content & liability), etc. The expenses are all controlled and monitored by the owner’s association.

What about damages?

The owner is responsible for all damages beyond normal wear and tear. There is an ownership agreement that will outline the policies and guidelines for replacing/fixing damages.  Management will collect and replace damages incured from a rental guest.

Can you tell me about the exchange program?

Sunrise Ridge Resort has a Premier rating with Interval International, which is the highest standard of acheivement through Interval International. This rating provides you with great trading power to exchange to over a 2700 resorts around the world with high standards of quality.  Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort is affiliated with Interval International through their Club Interval Gold Points Program.  A CIG membership is included for new

Is Fractional Ownership popular?

Yes. Fractional Ownership has become increasingly popular in the last 10 years. By locking in the purchase price of accommodations, vacation ownership helps to guarantee future vacations at today’s prices in luxurious resorts with amenities, exceptional service, hassle free maintenance, and ambiance that rival any of the world’s top rated vacation destinations. Unlike a hotel room or rental cottage, which require payment for each use with rates that continuously escalate, fractional ownership at Sunrise Ridge Resort enables vacationers to enjoy a resort, year after year, for the lifetime of their ownership with only a one¬time purchase price and payment of yearly maintenance fees.

How does Sunrise Ridge Resort differ from a Timeshare?

Sunrise Ridge Resort sells Fractional Real Estate ownership options with deeded title and full rights of property ownership. You are buying real estate rather than leasing vacation time.  This means there is the real potential for appreciation as Parksville is one of Canada’s most popular vacation and retirement destinations.

Differences between fractional and timeshare projects: Owners of fractional real estate are registered on title of a specific strata lot number at land titles and Timeshare is leased time at a resort for a specific number of years. Over time, real estate tends to increase in re-sale value and timeshare typically decreases. Fractional projects have a larger focus on the quality put into the construction because of the high expectations of potential buyers. Timeshare projects tend to focus less on quality, incorporating more sales and marketing costs into the price.

Do I have any warranty?

Yes, the Vacation Homes are covered under the New Home Warranty Program.

What are my options for use?

You may…
Vacation in it – enjoy your vacation home with family and friends.
Share it – let friends, colleagues, clients or family enjoy it when you can’t.
Exchange it – interchange with over 2700 other Interval International resorts world wide.
Rent it – maximize value by placing your vacation home in our professionally managed rental program.

What about the quality/design/view of the Vacation Homes?

Only high quality building materials or furnishings are being used in the Sunrise Ridge Resort Vacation Homes. All residences come with leather furniture, tile floors, granite counters, decks, BBQ’s, fully appointed kitchens, TV’s, DVD’s…everything you need for your Vacation Home.

How do prices at Sunrise Ridge Resort compare with other resorts on Vancouver Island?

Our quality and location are second to none. We have a very competitive price point. Come see for yourself!

How can I get more information?

Call us at: 1.866.812.3224 or email john@sunriseresortparksville.ca.