What’s a “Snowbird Quarter Share?”

Our 1, 2 and 3 bedroom luxury condominiums are titled in shares as small as 1/8… in other words, up to 8 owners can share the cost of purchase and upkeep, making this an affordable and sensible way to own vacation property in one of Canada’s most popular vacation and retirement destinations, Parksville, B.C.  This is Fractional Ownership, not Timeshare.  The important difference is the conveyance of title!

Our Snowbird owners are mostly from east of the Rockies, where winters are less temperate than they are here.  After surviving another winter, most Prairie people choose to stay home for the awesome Spring and Summer weather, but wouldn’t mind an escape from the Winters.  Owning a “Snowbird Quarter” gives you ownership of your luxury condominium for the first 12 weeks of every year and Sunrise Ridge offers an enjoyable Snowbird Community.

Yes, this is the most temperate climate in Canada, but it’s not tropical.  For owners who want to spend some time somewhere other than Parksville, we have an affiliation with one of the worlds largest exchange companies, Interval International.  Our owners can deposit some or all of their ownership here through the Interval International Exchange Program and travel the world at over 2800 resorts.

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Travel Options – You can drive or fly to Vancouver Island.  Here’s a link to help you decide what would work the best for you…Getting Here

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