Let the excavating begin!!

March 25, 2013
Excavator ready to begin


Tom Brooks and his crew are ready to begin site preparation for the pool, hot tub and fitness centre here at Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort.  It’s a beautiful, sunny day (11 degrees) and work is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning.  Completion of the project is dependent on a number of factors, but it’s possible our guests will be able to take the plunge as early as July 1.

I’ll be posting updates here regularly if you’d like to see the progress being made.  There has already been re-newed interest in this spectacular project and there are several couples presently on site considering ownership with us.

In a few short months, the front desk staff will be gleefully saying “YES” when potential renters are on the phone asking about a pool, hot tub and fitness facility.  We’re expecting our occupancy to increase substantially over the summer and may be offering pre-sales on Phase 5 before the end of the year!


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