Club Interval Gold Points!!

Owners at Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort will soon have the opportunity to convert their Interval International membership to the new points program, while maintaining their access to the week at a time trading system.  There are several benefits to the CIG (Club Interval Gold) Points program including short stays, cruises, rental cars, etc.

But the greatest benefit is getting full value from your exchange.  On the weeks system, you swap week for week and there is no provision for getting any “change back”.  And because all weeks aren’t equal in value (for example a February week in Potato, Idaho vs. Christmas in Maui or a 1 bedroom vs. a 3 bedroom), you may find some destinations “not available” simply because the value of your week is less than what you’re looking for.  With the points system, you use only the points necessary for each exchange and keep the rest in your account (for up to 3 years) to use for another exchange.  You have access to all of Interval’s properties, no matter which system you’re using.

This also means you can exchange winter ownership for summer use!  The chart below shows points available for one of our “Snowbird Eighth Shares”.  By converting a couple of your winter weeks to points, you could take a tropical vacation or find some summer time close to home.

Sunrise Ridge has been difficult to trade into for I/I members around the world because our owners have chosen to either use or rent their time year after year.  Most of them bought here because they love the area and the residence they own.  If none of our owners deposit any of their time with I/I then there’s nothing available for exchange… pretty simple.  I expect that there are a number of our owners who don’t know much about their exchange options as well.  This is simply another option that’s available for our owners….  use it, rent it, or exchange it.

Here’s an example of how it works…..  I’ll use available Eighth Shares in #128 to illustrate the program.  #128 is a one bedroom lock-off….  there’s a fully furnished one bedroom luxury condominium and an attached Guest Suite.  If all six weeks of ownership of the D rotation were deposited for points, the owner would have 571,250 points to use (214,250 for the Guest Suite/357,000 for the A side), probably way more than they would need, so a combination of usage, rental and exchange would offer the most options.  The chart below also shows the points available with a Snowbird Eighth in the same residence.

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CIG 128 Points

CIG Example Vacations 1

CIG Example Vacations 2

CIG Exchanges 3

If you’d like to have access to the Club Interval Gold Points Program or have questions, call or e-mail John Seeland at Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort

1-866-812-3224 or john@sunriseresortparksville.ca

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