Let’s go see Grandma and Grandpa!!

This is a photo that could be used to portray joy and love.  Just seconds later their precious grandchildren would be wrapped in their arms.  But there’s no indication how often this happens.  There have been so many changes that have happened over the past couple of decades.  Changes that have affected how families relate to one another ….  Parents become grandparents.  Their children move away for various reasons, taking the grandchildren with them.  More work and less play.  Divorce takes it’s toll on everyone and may make regular visits difficult.

But maybe there are other reasons the children/grandchildren don’t visit as often as they could.  Maybe it’s just not that much fun.  Ouch!  There’s a certain amount of discomfort for everyone when company comes to stay.  Although the grandkids may think it’s awesome to sleep on a fold out cot at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, their parents may feel differently….. especially the “in-law” daughter or son.  And although you’re told to “make yourself at home”, it’s still not your bed, kitchen or bathroom.  And if you’re living in a retirement home, there may be rules about overnight guests.

Owning a fractional interest in a resort residence at Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort may offer a number of benefits for grandparents anxious to see their extended family on a regular basis.  With 1, 2 and 3 bedroom residences available in fractions as small as an Eighth Share (6 weeks), Sunrise Ridge is as affordable as it is useful.

Here are some examples of how your Sunrise Ridge ownership could be used……

** Treat the grandkids and their parents to a week long vacation at your resort.  You could spend a couple of nights with them or have the grandkids stay at your real home with you while their parents enjoyed some “alone time” at the resort.

** If the grandkids are old enough, leave the parents at home and move into your resort residence with them for awhile.

** Start the tradition of annual Family Reunions using the resort as your home base.

** Help the grandkids make breakfast in bed for their parents in the fully equipped kitchen, then take them down to the beach so the parents can have a “sleep in”.

** Use your exchange options to take the grandkids to Disney World, Hawaii, or thousands of locations around the world.

** If you can’t rustle up 6 weeks of visitors every year, our on-site management will rent your residence for you.

** To top is all off, real estate in Parksville has proven to be a sound investment over the years.  This is not timeshare.  Fractional Ownership involves a conveyance of title.  You own your share of the residence and everything in it… from kitchenware to appliances to the Canadian made furniture.  The bank is probably paying you less on your investments than real estate is appreciating in Parksville and they won’t let you vacation for 6 weeks a year in their vault!

Enjoy the time you have left with family and friends.  Create lasting memories for everyone involved.  By bequeathing your ownership to family, the traditions and legacy you created will live on year after year, generation to generation.


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