New Residence Available – #421

Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort is located just outside of Parksville, B.C., one of Canada’s most popular vacation destinations.  Sunrise Ridge is a fractional real estate development offering the opportunity to vacation while enjoying the prospect of property appreciation in Parksville’s thriving real estate market.  Perfect for retirees who do not want to move to Vancouver Island, but would like to spend time here every year.

This beautiful two bedroom lock-off has just become available.  This is the only developer owned,  year round rotation with a water view.  More spacious, with more privacy, than other two bedroom residences with lots of closets, an oversized soaker tub in the master suite and a guest suite that includes a fireplace and living area.

A quarter share (12 weeks) is currently priced at $105,800 with your choice of weeks. A convenient monthly fee covers all expenses including, strata fees, telephone, cable, property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and repairs/refurbishment.  Eighth shares (6 weeks) are available for less than most people paid for their last vehicle!

Real estate in Parksville continues to increase in value year after year.  This is an opportunity to own real estate at one of Parksville’s most beautiful resorts at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay without any of the obligations or hassles that owning a vacation home often carries with it.  Because you own it, you can leave it heirs or sell it in the future if you like.

Use it yourself; treat your family to a vacation; reward employees/clients; exchange time at other resorts or rent unused time through our on-site hotel management.  Use your ownership as a home base for exploring central Vancouver Island.  Watch the video “Scenic Air Tour of Vancouver Island”  to see how awesome it is here.

Contact John Seeland at 1-866-812-3224 or john@sunriseresortparksville.ca for details.



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