Parksville is calling!

Does the idea of fresh salty ocean breezes, sand between your toes and temperate year-round climate appeal to you? If you answered yes then we may have just found your paradise! Parksville BC, located on the eastern shores of Vancouver Island, is a magical beach community offering something for everyone.

Parksville is widely known as the Sandcastle Capital of Canada and is home to breath-taking beaches with endless sand and stunning views of the Georgia Strait. This community captivates all who visit with its unique wildlife, stunning shorelines and legendary tides
There is something truly magical about the tides in Parksville. When the tide goes out it retreats over 500M and beach goers have a massive playground to comb for shells or build their dream castle out of sand. However, castle builders be warned, when those tides roll back in that dream castle may be washed away with to be built again tomorrow!

Speaking of castles in the sand, one of the top summer time attractions in Parksville is the Sandcastle Festival. This event is an annual competition where sand sculptors from around the world flock to Parksville to compete and hopefully qualify for the World Championship of Sand Sculpting. Aside from the competition itself there are tons of family friendly activities that go on during this fun and fascinating event.

There are many great events that take place throughout the year in Parksville. There are beach festivals, food and wine events, holiday activities, farmers markets and so much more. This city, although small, always has something happening and offers larger than life community spirit.

Avid sports enthusiasts love Parksville because it offers anything and everything sports related… You name the sport and you can play it in Parksville. Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, swimming, boating, biking, fishing, golfing, the list goes on…. Sports are popular in Parksville because for the most part you can play all year. The mild coastal climate is ideal for outdoor sports which is why there is always something to join in this active community.

When people think of rainforests they often think of the amazon or assume seeing a rainforest requires a great deal of travel. This is a myth that can easily be debunked in a city like Parksville. As a result of the coastal rains and temperate climate, rainforests can be explored right here on Vancouver Island. Parksville and neighbouring communities (referred to collectively as “Oceanside”) are home to lush green rainforests with ample hiking and exploring.

Don’t worry foodies we didn’t forget you, in fact we save the best for last. Living beside the ocean can only mean one thing….. SEAFOOD!!!!!!!! Fresh catch (usually caught that day) prepared by top chefs from around the world will make anyone’s mouth water and is a staple in this beach town. However, seafood is only one of many pallet pleasing options in this town. From Fresh local food to laid back patio appies to international cuisine, the foodie scene in this west coast community offers so many excellent options to choose from. Thank goodness for all the activities this town offers to help burn off those well worth it calories!

This ocean side community is the perfect combination of exploring and adventure meets laidback island life. If living in a beach town that looks like a painting with everything you could ever want for food, fun and family is your calling, you may want to answer…. It’s definitely Parksville!

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