Rewarding Things to do with Your Fractional Ownership


Even owners of Eighth Shares (6 weeks) can find themselves with more usage than they need personally.  Most put it into the professionally managed rental program or deposit it for points in the Club Interval Gold Points program.  But there are some interesting, and personally rewarding alternatives.  Here are a few of them.  While you’re reading through them, imagine both the people you would surprise and the looks on their faces when they opened the door to their fully furnished luxury residence.

Give vacation time as a gift either here at Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort or around the world through Interval International.  Who are the lucky recipients?  People you know who are; graduating, getting married, having an anniversary or birthday, or just someone you truly appreciate.  Giving the gift of an experience rather than something material is becoming more and more popular and common.

  Use if for Charity – How about a well deserved vacation for your Pastor/Priest/Minister?  When was the last time they had a break from their responsibilities?  Or you could give time at a luxury resort to your favourite charity to raffle off or sell in a silent auction to help with their never ending fundraising.

Fractional Ownership can be used for a number of business related benefits.  Book a couple of rooms and hold a corporate retreat for key employees or reward your Employee of the Month or Year by treating them and their spouse (and even their whole family) to a couple of days of relaxation for a job well done.  This is a powerful way to recognize extraordinary individual effort by giving back some of the family time lost to work.  The rewards can vary from a night or two locally to a week of skiing in Whistler to a couple of weeks in the Caribbean…. you decide what’s appropriate for each situation.  Structured correctly, fractional ownership can provide some attractive tax benefits for business owners as well as incentives and rewards for exceptional performance.  You may be surprised how energized and appreciative your recognized employees are when they return to work!!

Our owners have earned and deserve some vacation time for themselves, but there are people they know who also deserve recognition and this is a unique way to show your love and appreciation for them.





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