Sunrise Returns!

Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort has completed a successful restructuring and is ready to move forward with development of their prestigious private resort located on Resort Drive in Parksville.

The Recreational Property market has experienced a dramatic price correction over the past 3 years, and has seemed to have found a bottom.

“We are experiencing good market velocity in western Canada”, says Randy Trapp, VP of Sunrise Resort Parksville Ltd. It’s no mystery why.  He continues, “people see genuine value in a tremendous product at an affordable price”. “We are thrilled to be able to Market the New Sunrise Ridge along with our other Fractional offerings in British Columbia”.

“Fractional Real Estate is our expertise” comments Mr. Trapp, “We’re proud to have introduced fractional resort real estate to British Columbia over 10 years ago and with experience in developing, marketing, selling and managing fractional ownership programs. We’ve got it down to a science!”

“The New Sunrise Ridge Resort Parksville is not a new fixture on Resort Drive; we like to think of it as a more refined and well- structured Private Resort development. We believe we should build our properties to a standard in order to appeal to a client with discerning taste and an eye for quality, then price it at a point that no one can resist!”

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