Thanksgiving 2012

It’s October 7, 2012 and the temperature peaked just over 20 degrees today.  I took these pictures to remind myself to be thankful for the many blessings in my life including being associated with Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort and living on this beautiful island.  The tomatoes were picked from our garden yesterday and they’re still going strong!!  But weather aside, I’m thankful for the relative peace and tranquility that I enjoy each and every day.  I like to think I stay well informed about what’s going on in the world and much of it isn’t pretty.  I often wonder how we remain so insulated from the not so beautiful.  Wars still rage and seem to be escalating by the day.  Many places in the world saw record breaking weather this year with droughts, floods and violent storms wreaking havoc in many countries.  The economic news around the world is just as disturbing.  But here, it’s as though a magical shield has been placed over the island.  We had a spectacular summer (that’s still with us!), our economy is healthy and the horror of war is something we see on the news.

It’s a shame when we take our good fortune for granted, diminishing what we have with what we want and expect.  Each and every day we should all say thanks in our own way for the bounty that we enjoy.  Maybe it’s time you took a serious look at ownership at Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort so you could add this to your list of reasons to be thankful.

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